Intuitive Life Coaching and Grief Counselling Services

You can receive insightful advice on any of your concerns through my spiritual readings. I use my spiritual abilities to offer reading and advice as well as holistic counseling and psychotherapy.

What I Offer

Psychic Readings

By reaching out to the spiritual world and conveying their messages, I can provide you with answers to some of your major questions so you can find enlightenment.

Spiritual Readings

I offer intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth through spiritual readings. To gain clarity when communicating with the spiritual world, I enter a "dream state" the night before your scheduled reading.

Medium Readings

I can connect with your spiritual loved ones to obtain personal evidence and relay answers and advice from them to any of your questions and concerns so you can have peace of mind.


If you are struggling with mental health, anxiety, or fear, I can work with you on understanding your feelings to pass emotional challenges.


My counseling sessions can help you overcome the grief you’re experiencing — whether it’s caused by a painful divorce or losing a loved who has passed away. I aim to bring you closure and help you with any form of grief that can come from many of life's experiences. 

Get in Touch With Me

Let me use my spiritual gifts to help you find your own enlightenment. If you are interested in any of my services, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer reviews


Steph Andrews

Speaking with Christine was great! I loved her approach and loved how well she was able to tap in and identify different things that are going on in my life without knowing anything about me or what i'm doing. Christine was also helpful in that if she was receiving something, she would delve a little bit further and explain why it may be coming up and identify the potential relevance in my life. All in all, I loved my experience.


Sharron Williams

After losing my mum I went to Christine looking for answers. Well I could never have hoped or imagined how well it could go. Christine was totally amazing and so spot on there are no words to describe. From verifying the outfit Mum wanted to be dressed in, to answering many questions.
The most amazing thing was though that through Christine Mum said I would be finding feathers to show me she was still around and to check her top draw when I got home.
I found a feather in her draw.
Christine you are amazing
Thank you.


Renae Scislo-Sharp

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Christine! as it was my first ever reading, i felt nervous but that soon passed and i felt extremely comfortable and connected to her. Very important topics which appear the most prevalent in your life are thoroughly discussed and made sure they have been solved, which is such a big deal to so many people who struggle on letting go! Overall, this experience will never be forgotten and I cannot wait for my next session. Highly recommend this lovely lady ❤️