Receive Intuitive Guidance

I offer spiritual readings to help you grow and develop as a person.

Insightful Life Coaching From a Gifted Medium

Do you have questions about your current place in life? Do you want to know if your current path is right for you? Get the answers to your most pressing life concerns through the intuitive readings of Christine Takacs.

What I Do

  • I offer a holistic approach to life coaching and grief counseling. Using extrasensory perception and process therapy work, I can give accurate and empowering information to people who are looking for support in life.

  • Spiritual channeling and through a dream state readings prior to our consult I receive guidance about your life. These are just a few services I provide to assist you. These can be done either in person, through a telephone call, or via Skype.

My Vision as a Medium

People are all connected via a formless bond. But, every person has a special way of growing and learning. I strive to help each one feel blessed and fulfilled through my spiritual readings and assist them in realizing their purpose in life.

Learn More About Me

  • From a young age, I’ve had dreams about other people’s lives and visions that would show me events that were going to happen. These abilities gave me a way to connect a person to the perspective of a higher plane of existence.

  • My spiritual senses became more developed as I grew older. I eventually became a medium. With more than 20 years of using my skills, I realized that I find great satisfaction in assisting other people through my gifts.

  • I previously worked as a professional counselor for four years. I did counseling for children, women, and people experiencing grief or domestic violence. I am a qualified professional counselor with an advanced diploma in counseling and psychotherapy.